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Our mission at LA Blowouts is to cherish the uniqueness of every woman by offering personalized, luxurious, and empowering blowout experiences. We celebrate diversity and strive to create a vibrant community where every client feels seen, valued, and confident, marking each salon visit as a step towards self-love and a celebration of individual beauty.


Our Origin Story

Before finding my hair haven, I navigated a journey filled with salon misadventures. Struggling to find a place that could both appreciate and skillfully manage my beautiful, long, and luxurious tape-in and fusion extensions along with my textured hair, I often felt at a loss. It wasn't just about smoothing the roots; it was about understanding and respecting my unique hair needs.

Indulge in a personalized pampering experience.

Manny was a beacon of hope in this journey. His talent and confidence in embracing and styling my hair transformed my view of what hair care should be. He didn't just style my hair; he celebrated it, offering outstanding service and a personal touch that's been consistent over a decade. After hours of coloring, chatting, and sharing, I would emerge with the hair of my dreams - long, luxurious, and perfectly styled extensions.


However, maintaining this dream outside Manny's chair proved challenging. I faced rejections from salons ill-equipped to handle my extensions, experienced inadequate blow-drying from multiple stylists at once, and left with less than perfect results. Manny, with his extensive clientele, couldn't be my regular stylist, and that's when the idea for 'wash, blow, glow' at LA Blowouts was born.

I envisioned a salon that would not just accept but embrace and excel in styling every hair type, offering the same level of care, expertise, and luxury that Manny provided. And so, LA Blowouts was created – a salon where every woman can experience the empowerment of looking and feeling her best, supported by a team that understands and cherishes the individual beauty of each hair type.

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