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​Kerastase Treatments

Elevate your hair's health and radiance with our premium Kerastase treatments. Tailored to your hair’s unique needs, these treatments nourish, repair, and protect, giving you lustrous, healthy locks. Whether it's for hydration, volume, or damage repair, our expert stylists will select the perfect treatment for you.


$40 +HST


Enhance your blowout with a touch of intricate elegance. Add a Braid to your style for a chic and sophisticated look, perfect for any occasion. Whether you seek a classic, bohemian, or modern twist, our stylists will craft the perfect braid to complement your unique style.


$20 +HST


Opt for this add-on to allocate additional time with our stylists, guaranteeing your hair's perfect styling without the rush. Whether it's for managing abundant tresses or achieving that complex look, adding a little Extra Time is your ticket to a relaxed, personalized, and fulfilling salon experience.


NATURAL | $25 +HST (20 MIN)

EXTENDED | $35 +HST (20 MIN)

Book a Consultation

​Planning to book 'The Venice' for extended hair? Start with a 15-minute consultation with our stylists. This pre-appointment discussion ensures we understand your vision and hair needs, making your updo session smooth, enjoyable, and perfectly tailored to you.


$25 +HST (will be deducted from total cost)

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